First production: December 16 & 17, 2016 @ Centre42

In Search of Salt is an original theatre production that takes audiences on a heartfelt journey through loss, sisterhood, and death in the age of social media. It was written to pass the Bechdel test and to be performed in an intimate theatre-in-the-round setting.

In Search of SaltSYNOPSIS: A few months after the mysterious passing of her younger sister, Gaya receives a series of Facebook messages from her. Suddenly, she begins to wonder: did her little sister really die? And if so, who then is sending all those messages? With the help of a curious friend, Gaya embarks on a heart-wrenching journey that will reveal the unlikely truth behind the chilling Facebook chat.

Starring Alison Wong, Ranice Tay, and Susie Penrice Tyrie
Written & directed by Sarah Howell.
Co-Produced by Passerby Projects & Dream Bravely.
Supported by Matchbox.


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