The Clinic


The Clinic

Run time: 14 minutes

Genre: Drama

THE CLINIC: A young man, JASON, suffering from severe depression battles between two worlds: one in which he finds release with the help of his physician, the other in which he struggles against his will at the behest of his therapist. THE CLINIC takes us on a complex moral journey through one of the most socially relevant and pressing issues within the medical field. What will Jason do when he is given a choice and which world will you believe? An emotional and time-twisting vision in a debut short film by Sarah Howell.

*NOTE: Physician assisted suicide for mental illnesses is currently only legal in three countries (Beligium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

Written & Directed by SARAH HOWELL.
Produced by NICHOLAS CHEE.
Cinematography by JONATHAN QIDI GOH.
Original Score by JACOB LESSARD.
The Clinic storyboard 2The Clinic Storyboard
Storyboard by DAN WONG.

Awards & Distinctions:

Sydney Indie Film Festival (SIFF) 2015, Official Selection, Best Script (nomination)

Canada Shorts 2015, Official Selection, Honourable Mention

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2014-15, Quarter-Finalist