Dream Bravely is both a vision and a mission to tell great, visual stories. We give distant dreams and thoughts concrete words and pictures.

Why visual stories?

Sometimes, it is but a story that keeps us going.

Narratives form the basis of our moral and social interactions. They teach, inspire, and inform us about who we are, our worth, and what it’s all for. To tell stories is no small task. To dream them is our trade. In the age of digital, turning those narratives into stunning visuals is the name of the game.

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Writers, for better or worse, are gods of their own universe… . And while it might be a bit lonely in this particular heaven, I’ve got a terrific view. — Neil LaBute

Sarah Howell is an award-winning writer and director from Montreal, Canada. She’s whizzed around the world a bit and landed most recently in New Zealand, where she continues her serious mission to tell great visual stories that move and impact people. Sarah (or sometimes ‘Srah’) started Dream Bravely in 2015 as an answer to her mission.

(psssst… You can check out some of her written works on her Medium page here.)